About Us

Our customers deserve the finest quality products we can provide. Therefore we include amongst our suppliers prestigous companies such as Linwood fabrics,Warwick fabrics,Lewis and Wood,Sinclaire and many more. Throughout our site we will show samples of projects completed and fabrics used.
Re-upholstery? Why?      Your suite is very comfortable,You paid a lot of money for it's just the right size,but it just looks a bit tired.Now is the opportunity to get that style and colour YOU always wanted! Have a browse through our extensive range of fabrics from our pattern books or click on suppliers in the left hand column. 
Contemporary and Antique Furniture Upholstery
Our range of products and services include;
Upholstery fabric
Curtain fabric,
Fabrics suitable for drapes,headboards and light furnishings.
Headboards and Drapes
Armchairs and Couches
Older pieces
Fabrics and Wallpapers
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